National Registry Test Centers Begin Offering Exam

Starting on December 3, 2012, PSI Services LLC (PSI) began offering on-line scheduling for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners certification test. The first available date to sit for the exam will be December 17, 2012. PSI has 260 test centers located throughout the United States.

Test centers can be located by visiting the National Registry website at

To be eligible to take the exam you must:


  • Be licensed, certified, or registered in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations to perform physical examinations;
  • Logon to the National Registry System and receive a unique identifier; and
  • Complete requisite training.

Be sure to take the following with you to the test center:

  • Valid Picture ID;
  • Valid license to practice in your healthcare profession;
  • Certificate of completion of training provided by an accredited training organization; and
  • National Registry Number.


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